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Terms and Conditions

  • Internship stipend will not be paid if bank account details are not provided by the intern before 15th of the months.

  • Intern will not have the right to claim any stipend amount if he/She leave the internship before 25th of the month.

Terms and condition on agreement

  1. On the start of internship, the intern will submit all the necessary documents and internship joining letter from ICT Company/department.

  2. The selection of Internee is the sole discretion of ICT Company/Department; there is a probability that internee may or may not be selected by a company for internship. PSEB will only act as a facilitator and refer individuals in response to the ICT company request.

  3. ICT Company will provide necessary infrastructure, ICT related work to the intern and will not use his/her services for any other purpose other than ICT related activities.

  4. ICT Company will use the services of the Intern for a period of four months at PSEB's expense.

  5. The intern shall be eligible for the payment of stipend only if Intern has served the company by 25th of the month.

  6. Intern will provide his/her monthly progress report duly endorsed by his/her supervisor to PSEB & the ICT R&D Fund Co.

  7. ICT Company will provide an Internship completion certificate on the successful completion of four month Internship by the Intern.

  8. Stipend will be paid to each intern by the hiring company on monthly basis. However, PSEB will release the stipend amount to hiring companies on bimonthly basis.

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